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Direct Sales – Should you even think about it?

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Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Do you like talking to people?

Do you always recommend movies, restaurants, books, or pretty much anything you love to your friends and family?

Are you organized?

Do you track your expenses and are conscious of your spending ? Or at least want to work on it?

Do you like to learn new skills?

If you have answered yes, then you may want to give it a try. But let’s clarify as to what direct selling is and what it’s not. Many times people refer to it as MLM marketing as well. Multi-level marketing is where you earn a commission through product sales and your “team” (other people you told them about the business opportunity and they chose to sell as well). A lot of people call it a pyramid scheme or scam. There’s a negative connotation at times as well, mainly because of this. But let’s clarify. Pyramid schemes are illegal and companies would get fined and have to seize operating their business in that way. When you ask someone to define a pyramid scheme, they actually don’t know. People think the MLM business model and the pyramid model are the same thing. If you are so concerned this company is a pyramid scheme, then research it, we have the internet now, information is a click away!!

So if it’s not a pyramid scheme, what the heck is it? It’s you selling products to your family, friends, acquaintances, at vendor events, etc. Are you scared of losing your friends and family ? You should be! There are tactful ways to approach people you know and love. Treat it like as if you are opening a store and people will treat you respectfully. For me, personally, if the products are really expensive, I will cringe if you ask me. There is so much competition out there and if I can find a very similar product much cheaper, well, I am not buying from you. My advice to this is to NOT to sign up with a company that has overpriced products.

Some questions to ask yourself before joining?

  • Why are you joining?
  • Is there a demand for your product? Or can you create a demand by sharing the benefits?
  • Are you willing to be rejected (many times) and keep going?
  • Are you willing to set aside time per day for your business?

Statistics are always cited of how poorly consultants do according to tax returns. I think there’s a few factors that play into those numbers. People are not good at tracking income and expenses. Some of the expenses allowed to be written off would have to be paid anyway (without a business) such as cell phone, internet, and other home expense write offs. I meet a lot of consultants who overstock, or who buy everything just because they love the product but don’t think of the cost. Other than that, statistics should also cite how many other types of businesses fail. Businesses are failing left and right. The reason is that it takes discipline, dedication, constant learning and analyses, evaluations (what works and what doesn’t). The list goes on and on.

Three years ago I signed up to be a Norwex consultant. I immediately fell in love with the products and wanted to sell them. The simplicity of them was amazing to me. I still sell Norwex products and I have learned so much in these past few years. I do not regret one minute of it. However, I do not believe that you don’t have to put time into your business. Some will say “just a few hours a week and you make $XX of dollars.” The reality is its time consuming to build your brand, reputation and customer base. You get a lot of rejections, more than I would like to think about. However, I do have a customer base and I do make money and I still love talking about the products.

My daughter is a young teenager and thinks she wants a job, she wants to have her own money and spend, spend, spend. I recently signed up at another direct sales company, farmasi that sells makeup, skin care, soaps and more. The products are very affordable. I signed up so she can learn how to sell. She will be trained by them, learn unbelievable marketing and communication skills and earn money through her sales. I am excited for her but I have to teach her discipline. She will spend an hour a day training and working her business. As long as she works her business, she will make some money. No matter what she does, she will have sales. That’s a very important lesson I have learned this year. Instead of being a perfectionist, as long as I do a post on any of the social media sites, I will have sales. It just happens, I cannot explain that part. People know I am serious about my business and they trust me through my posts and the knowledge I provide.

To recap, if you love the product lines so much to set aside a few hours per day or week. If you love learning and are willing to follow the training process and apply what you learned, then direct selling is for you. You don’t have a lot to lose, the investment is usually very minimal.

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