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Hello World!

Hi my name is Smaggie and I am excited to help people with their finances on this blog!

I want to simplify personal finance, especially those who see numbers and their eyes glaze over, mind shuts down, palms become sweaty, you get the idea, it’s not their finest moment. Numbers can be intimidating but once you understand them, it is actually liberating. Now we are not talking about algebra or calculus, just simple adding and subtracting. I literally cannot do my daughter’s algebra homework anymore so I totally get it!

I have over 15 years experience in the auditing world and have been really focusing on my own personal financial knowledge for the past 3 years. I have read, and practiced a few principles for saving and being in control of my finances and have seen results. After speaking to many of my friends about their own personal finances, there seems to be a gap in knowledge in personal finance.

I also have my own business as a consultant for Norwex and that has been an excellent experience in learning about operating a small business and marketing. I can see why so many fail, it is so easy to fail! But it is also easy to follow a routine and see progress.

I read constantly (mostly audiobooks) so there is a section for books I have read and what is to be learned from them.

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