Self Help books

Make Reading a Priority

I have heard so many people say they are not "readers." How do you learn? Learning is so gratifying, especially when you benefit from it. There is so much to learn and we have so much access to knowledge now. I recently finished reading "Talking to Strangers" and I thought it was
Self Help books

People are Idiots…

Since we are stuck inside I am reading 4 different books at the same time so hopefully I can get it all straight as I write about two of these books. My first book I am really enjoying and keep thinking this guy must have read my mind. It's called "People are Idiots and

Are you panicking?

We are going through a tough time right now, there's some uncertainty, for sure! The good new is, that it's temporary. The warm weather will come and the virus will stop. We are so lucky that it has come to us during a time of an abundance of resources, especially the internet!

Tax Time! Are you stressed?

It’s tax time ! A dreadful time for me. It’s a chore, a hassle, a big pain, but I’m thankful for tax software, I can’t imagine doing it long hand despite my accounting degree ! One of the most helpful tools I have used throughout the year is an app called everlance. It is
College Debt, Do you need it?

College Debt

Yup I am still paying for it even though I graduated in 2006.  My parents did not contribute to the tuition, this was all on me.  I don’t see that as a problem.   The big mistake I made though... since I had no idea what I was doing 20 years ago was, I consolidated my federal student loans

First Money Book I liked

This is a bit of a cliché but the book that really started me to think seriously about by finances is by Dave Ramsey. Have you heard of him before? Perhaps his podcast or from a friend? This book is called “The Total Money Makeover” His book and books basically tell you how to